Holistic Massage

The holistic approach to treatment takes into account a person’s whole being, not just the physical symptoms or problems but also psychological, environmental and nutritional factors and how they respectively impact on the body as a whole. This involves an understanding of your total lifestyle which when comprehensively examined can indicate improvements to your wellbeing and outlook on life.

The massage treatment is accordingly tailored to suit the specifics applicable to the lifestyle of each client.

Sports Massage

This is a treatment where firm, vigorous pressure can be applied to the problem areas. It is known to promote the healthy functioning of muscles, tendons and ligaments through increasing blood flow, releasing lactic acid and eliminating scar tissue.

It is excellent for helping with recovery from an accident or injury. However you don’t need to be involved in sport to benefit from this method of massage as it is used to promote general health, prevent injuries and generally relieving pain and muscular tension.

This treatment can additionally benefit you by balancing your energy levels, reducing cellulite, increasing muscle tone and leave you with a calm and clear mind.

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