Cornel - With a heavy work schedule and minimal time to relax, I decided to try a course of massage therapy to both relax me and to treat a number of minor back ailments and alleviate muscle tension. From the very first course of treatment, I quickly noticed how relaxed I felt as well as physically charged and revitalized. I book treatments whenever I find the time to do so and each time Andy never fails to apply the right course of massage treatment in a professional and tailored manner that consistently reaps physical and wellbeing rewards.

Anne-Marie - I’ve tried all sorts of ways of relaxing but none have proved more effective than massage. Andy offered professional advice on how I could benefit from the relaxing effects of massage therapy and since booking a number of treatments with him, I haven’t looked back since!!!!

Darren - I had to tolerate back and shoulder pains for a long time and wanted to find a way that could alleviate the more intense periods of pain that I suffer from time to time. I contacted Andy for a consultation and he carefully explained how massage therapy could help me immediately and in the longer term. I have undergone massage therapy with Andy for several months now and can honestly declare the positive difference that massage has made to my life and how much better I feel since deciding on giving massage a try. I would highly recommend a course of massage therapy for all back pain sufferers!!!

Dennis - Being in a stressful job, I needed a rapid and proven way to relax and successfully found it in massage therapy. I book a course of treatment with Andy at least once a month or as needed to keep me relaxed and I thank the day that I took the trouble to contact Andy. I sleep much better each day now because of the relaxing effects of massage and I would recommend Andy’s course of message to anyone who needs to unwind after a stressful day at work.

Tara - Through yoga, tai chi and dance therapy I’ve significantly enhanced my well-being but decided to complement my efforts by going for a more passive activity and decided on massage therapy. This proved to be an excellent move and through Andy’s massage therapy my own efforts are made more durable and tangible and I’ve never felt better. I highly recommend Andy who is a thoughtful and professional qualified massage therapist with several years experience.

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